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Our leagues

Fun times available throughout the week.

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League Schedules & Standings
Monday Recreational: Monday Night Recreational Open – Kimberley Curling Club
Tuesday Open: Tuesday Night Open – Kimberley Curling Club
Wednesday Mixed: Wednesday Night Mixed League – Kimberley Curling Club
Affordable Floors Thursday Cash League: Affordable Floors Thursday Night Competitive League Registration – Kimberley Curling Club
Sunday Doubles: Sunday Doubles – Kimberley Curling Club
Daytimers (Q3): Daytimers – Q3 (Jan 2 – Feb 1) – Kimberley Curling Club

important things!

  1. If you have a full team that’s awesome. If you are a single, no problem, we’ll find a team for you.
  2. Our Tuesday evening league will have A and B divisions. New teams start in B.
  3. Seasons usually run from early/mid October to mid-March.
  4. With the exception of our “Mixed” league (2 male, 2 female) there are no gender requirements in any league.
  5. If you don’t have curling shoes, you must have clean indoor shoes. Outdoor shoes/boots will not be allowed on the ice.
  6. We can loan you equipment to get started.
  7. If you are playing in more than one league, you will get a 10% discount
  8. If you have any concerns with league fees, email Blair at and we can discuss a payment plan or fee subsidies.


Daytimers league

Tuesdays and Thursdays
10 AM
Each Quarter is 10 games
Q1: Oct 17 – Nov 16
Q2: Nov 21 – Dec 21
Q3: Jan 2 – Feb 1
Q4: Feb 6 – Mar 7

Each Quarter is $110/person + GST and fees

tuesdays and thursdays

The season is divided into 4 quarters, new teams are drafted each quarter. ‘Open’ format so there can be any gender combination on the team. Curlers can curl in any number of quarters depending on their availability.

Tuesday Open leagUe

7:00 PM
(May be two draws if more than 12 teams)

Cost is $350/person + GST and fees

tuesdays more fun!

A little more competitive than Monday, but still fun. 8 end games, no gender requirements, 4 person teams.

We will break teams into “A” and “B” divisions (with re-seeding 2-3 times during the season)

affordable floors thursdays

7:00 PM

Cost is $400/person + GST and fees
(Incl $50 prize fee)

bring your “A” game

Competitive league for those looking to up their game. This league offers cash prizes for weekly wins ($20) and final league standings.

Monday Open league

7:00 PM

Cost is $350/person + GST and fees

monday funday!

Curlers of all abilities are welcome. 8 end games, no gender requirements, 4 person teams.

The least competitive of our weeknight leagues.

wednesday mixed

7:00 PM

Cost is $350/person + GST and fees

ladies and gentlemen…

Traditional mixed format (2 men, 2 women alternating throwing). 8 end games.

Sunday Instruction/social

Optional Instruction @ 6:00 PM
Games at 6:30 PM
[Extended lessons available for new curlers]

League will be broken into 2 halves (before and after Christmas)

Each half is $100/person + GST and fees

Sunday funDAY

A mix of experienced and new curlers who are just looking to curl and do some socializing. 6 end games and optional pre-game instruction (especially early in the season)

Sunday Doubles

4:00 PM

Cost is $170/person + GST and fees

double time

2 curlers instead of 4. This game is usually fun and fast (a little over an hour).